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About The Grandview Group

Tap into the collective wisdom of your crowd with our tools, technology, and know-how

The Grandview Group LLC provides technology and services to clients in Higher Education, K12 Education, Training and Development, and Publishing. Divisions or brands include:

Our product and content review technology has been adopted by numerous publishers and education-related organizations. It is built around a “wisdom of crowds” philosophy. Different that traditional survey software, the technology is designed to be used at any point along the Product Life Cycle, providing you with ongoing touch points and a built-in work-flow that keeps you connected to your customers and prospects. This connection is nurtured though a stakeholder relationship with your product. The idea is simple: engage more people through the Product Life Cycle, and both your product and customer-base will grow.

The Grandview Group services include the following:

  • Content Development
  • Educational Explainer Videos
  • Content Marketing
  • Managed Product Reviews
  • Virtual Focus Groups
  • Course Content Creation
  • Publisher Services
  • Author Services

Our physical address:
459 N. Gilbert Road Suite A-213
Gilbert, AZ 85234