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Angie Herting

Angie Herting is the new Senior Business Development Manager at The Grandview Group and Pubcentral. Angie graduated from Loras College in Iowa with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Spanish. After college Angie worked in several areas from finance to casino marketing, however she eventually discovered her true passion: educational publishing.

Angie began her career in publishing at Kendall Hunt Publishing working in the K-12 market promoting inquiry-based programs in science. She enjoyed the challenges and rewards that publishing offered. After several years at Kendall Hunt she decided to move into higher education and accepted a position at McGraw-Hill. Angie enjoys working with her clients, introducing them to new technology, onboarding, and training them.

Angie plays volleyball in two year-round leagues. She also loves to cook, read, and camp.

Listen as Angie is interviewed by COO of Pubcentral, Craig Beytien.

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