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Let’s talk about stakeholders. 
You may call them customers, community members, constituents, employees, or even partners. Anyone whose life or business can be impacted by what your organization does or fails to do is a stakeholder. Whatever you call them, here’s what they have in common:
1. They have (or can rapidly develop) a perception of who you are and what you do. 
2. They have current-state behaviors, beliefs, and insights that can be analyzed in a way that helps you predict what they might do or how they might react to future-state products and scenarios.  

3. They have a need to be recognized and acknowledged, to make their voices matter.

Embrace them, or leave them alone? 
If you leave your stakeholders alone, the peer-influencers among them will share unfiltered opinions, insights, and stories with others. The impact for you can be positive, negative, or neutral. Whatever the impact, these unsecured conversation spaces are outside of your control.
If you embrace your stakeholders using the Grandview engagement methodology, you create, manage, and mine a secure conversation space. You can facilitate an environment where stakeholder insights, experiences, and stories become a key pillar of your business intelligence. Not only can your stakeholders influence what you do or become in the future, but they can be knowledgeable, vocal advocates of that future. 
We Can Help
Grandview can provide you with the tools, technology, and training for a DIY strategy, or we can help you with a hybrid solution to engage your stakeholders and elevate your impact.
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