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A Behind-the-Scenes Look

We have clients who rely upon us to do a few things extremely well. For other clients, we are their full service publishing solution, and they trust us to get it right. We're flexible, we're agile, we're quick. Take a look behind the scenes to see some of the things that could be part of your Agile Publishing Plan.

The Agile Publishing Process

Our methodology is built around a Product Pathway that enables strategic collaboration with your target audience from start to finish. The end result is that when you launch your product, you'll have audience-approved content and enough built-in buzz to really light things up.

The ACCESS Model

It's an acronym that stands for AUDIENCE, CONCEPT, COMPETITION, EXECUTION, SOCIAL MEDIA, and SALES STRATEGY. It's the foundation that all successful publishing strategies should be built upon.

Market Development

It's a fancy phrase that means you build and expand your audience by collaborating with them in special ways. When you transform your audience into stakeholders and contributors, you make your content better and your audience larger, loyal, and more viral.

Pubcentral Review Tools

Our core technology allows you to embrace and collaborate with your audience by inviting them to review concepts, content, and finished product. Their collective reviews become the basis for validating new ideas, developing critical content, and connecting with new people in your target audience. To learn more about Pubcentral click here


We've done hundreds of books that have sold over 10 million copies. No kidding. While it's never been easier to publish a book, it's difficult to be successful without an Agile Publishing Plan. We can get you there.

Online Courses

It's the newest way to monetize your expertise, but it's still a wild frontier. We have worked with instructional designers and educational psychologists to create one of the most innovative course formats on the market.

Project Management

The nuts and bolts stuff that can make or break your project. Whether you're publishing books, online courses, or other kinds of content, our project management team follows the Agile Publishing Process to make your life easier and your product everything that it can be.

Video and Audio Production

Words are important, but using video and audio to tell your story or share your expertise can really make a difference. We're experts at creating engaging audio and video content. Whether it's for an online course or designed to stand alone, we've got the expertise to help you shine.

Photos and Line Art

Most of the content we develop has photos and line art. Our illustrators have rendered thousands of original pieces of line art for our clients. We've also located and licensed thousands of photographs. These are the little things that make a big difference.


Over the years we've worked with thousands of subject matter experts who are available to create, collaborate, or review your content. You don't have to be an expert in every area to be successful with your book or online course, but sometimes it helps to know a few people who are experts. We can help.

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