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School Safety & Wellbeing is one area where stakeholder feedback is invaluable and often actionable. The Integrated School Safety & Wellbeing Assessment is one example of our GV360 methodology at work. By focusing on the perspectives of students, staff, and parents, you will quickly discover where these groups are aligned and where their experiences, behaviors, and sentiments differ.
Each group has a unique perspective on school safety. Our assessment was designed to capture and report on various perspectives around issues that include:
  • Theft & Property Loss by Unknown Individuals and Means
  • Theft & Property Loss by Simple - Aggravated Assault
  • Physical Threats
  • Verbal Threats
  • Bullying
  • Social Media & Electronic Threats
  • Weapons in School
  • Fights/Violence at School
Sample School Safety & Wellbeing Report
Students are asked to indicate if they have experienced any of these safety issues with a focus on:
  • Where it happened
  • If they reported it to a teacher or other adult at school
  • How the incident or report was handled
In separate surveys, Staff and Parents/Guardians answer the same questions from their perspective. Parents often hear about these safety issues from their kids. Staff directly experience these things, either when a student reports it to them, through team incident reviews, or from building colleagues who have experienced something directly. Collectively, all three groups have a viewpoint on how safe their schools are based on direct or indirect experience with these safety issues.
The Wellbeing section of each survey focuses on student anxiety, depression, and the strength of interpersonal relationships with other students and staff.
All surveys culminate in an overall school safety score by each individual in the three stakeholder groups, followed by a School Recommendation Score using the Net Promoter Score model.
Using this data, Grandview is able to provide a report to school districts with three stakeholder group perspectives on safety & wellbeing issues.
NPS gauge 22.png
At a minimum, the data from these integrated safety & wellbeing reports can validate that your current practices are effective. In many cases, the report provides evidence that district leaders can use to make changes or enhancements to their current policies and practices. Grandview’s report cannot make a school safer, but it can give leaders the information they need to take action where necessary.


To learn more about bringing the Integrated School Safety & Wellbeing Assessment to your school district, talk with one of our associates or request a quick demo.
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