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GV360 is a systematic approach to engage the various stakeholder groups in your community. It helps you discover where the groups are aligned and where their experiences, behaviors, and sentiments may differ. It helps you identify influencers and enable key communicators within each stakeholder group. Several tools and tactics can be used to execute a GV360. Grandview can train you, assist you, or let you delegate much of the work to us. We provide you with a flexible, affordable way to address your challenges. 

GV360 Tools, Tactics & Services


Discovery Session & Stakeholder
Engagement Strategy

All of our client engagements begin with a comprehensive Discovery Session that allows Grandview to better understand your current-state challenges, goals, and stakeholder community. Once the Discovery Session is complete, we create a timeline-based Stakeholder Engagement Strategy (SES), a document that highlights recommended actions, tactics, and tools needed to achieve your future-state vision and goals. The SES is designed to give you the flexibility to follow a DIY, Hybrid, of Full Service Plan.

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Stakeholder Advisory Panels

A panel of approximately 12 to 15 stakeholders are selected by an advisory committee. Panelist members are tasked with exploring a specific issue and then making recommendations to a corporate C-Suite, a Board of Education, a government body, etc. The research includes compiled data from local, state, and national organizations.


Large-scale Stakeholder Advisory Panels

Especially valuable for school districts, associations, and small government organizations, these advisory panels can include hundreds of your stakeholders that agree to participate in regular polls, surveys, reviews, interviews, and focus groups for a period of time, typically one year. On a biweekly or monthly basis, panel members are asked to participate in a panel activity that focuses on a specific topic or issue you would like to address. The aggregated feedback from these activities can provide valuable intelligence for your organization. Ideally, panel members develop an affinity for your organization and become strong advocates for the programs and products you introduce downstream. 

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Interactive Town Hall Meetings

Collaborative meetings with participants engaging in small-group, topic-based discussions. Stakeholders are placed at the center of the challenges and opportunities you face to advance your short term initiatives or broader mission.The goal is to use the collective knowledge, wisdom, and insights of participants to consider potential consequences an organization, government body, or educational institution could face and then brainstorm potential solutions.


Virtual Focus Groups

Consists of six to ten pre-qualified participants together, virtually, to provide candid feedback around your discussion points. Participants complete online questionnaires that measure their attitudes and beliefs, and capture self-reported behaviors before, during, and after the VFG discussion. This approach provides a balance of quantitative and qualitative data from the group.  
The final deliverable consists of a web- based virtual focus group report and analysis, providing general information on each participant, pre-event responses, MP3 recordings, access to individual discussion guide responses, transcripts, and follow-up survey results.

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An AI-based audience engagement process that facilitates a variety of dynamic interactions with your target community. Surveys inform business decisions by combining quantitative data and sentiment analysis that give you deeper insights into:

  • Attitudes

  • Behaviors

  • Preferences

  • Likely buying potential

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Stakeholder Reports

Published on a periodic basis to provide stakeholders with information about the community engagement activities, current challenges, and the path forward. 

The updatable publication will also appear on the organization website in an interactive format. 

Periodic updates will show progress toward your DESTINATION and include results and conclusions from our community engagement and intelligence gathering activities.



Our comprehensive training and certification program begins with an introduction to our Stakeholder Engagement Methodology. From there we have individual courses that cover a range of skills, from the basics of survey design and focus group facilitation to conducting Interactive Town Hall meetings. The training is hands-on and practical, designed to support the everyday needs of team members that will be running your organization’s Stakeholder Engagement program. 

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